Wind & Solar Tower
“Visibly Green”

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The Wind & Solar Tower
The world’s only hybrid power station.

The Wind & Solar Tower

The World’s Only Hybrid Power Station

The Wind & Solar Tower is a generator powered by both wind and sun.

Each Wind & Solar Tower generates enough renewable electricity to provide 9,441 quick charges (at 20 kWh) for electric vehicles (EVs) per year.

The Electric Vehicle Charging Conundrum Danger

It is expected the U.S. will have 25 million EVs by 2030

The nation’s push for 25 million EVs will require roughly a ten-fold increase in the nation’s EV infrastructure and will require a $7.5 billion investment. (Learn more.)

EVs will double demand for electricity by 2040

In an interview in Germany’s Bild am Sonntag, Elon Musk said that sourcing the energy necessary to power EVs would become the biggest obstacle. (Learn more.)

60% of the U.S. grid is powered by Fossil Fuels

The U.S. grid is 60% fueled by Fossil Fuels (coal and natural gas), 19.7% Nuclear, and only 19.8% Renewables (Wind 8.4%, Hydro 7.3%, Solar 2.3%, Biomass 1.4%). (Learn more.)

500,000 EV charging cords by 2030

500,000 sounds good. But chargers require access to the grid and many of the locations that could use them are remote and have no access to the grid. Will the green cars charge on diesel generators? (Learn more.)

Commercial wind turbines require winds of 26 mph to produce electricity. the wind & solar tower requires just 5 mph winds.
On average, 60% of the electricity used to charge an electric vehicle is generated from fossil fuels.
A conventional wind turbine has to be rotated into the wind. The wind and solar tower is designed so it always faces into the wind.
Power Plant use 3 kilowatts worth of energy to generate just 1 kilowatt of electricity.

We’ve only scratched the surface.

Learn more and how you can invest in the future of renewable energy.

In the Spotlight

‘Below Grid Parity™’ — what it means and why it’s important

The Wind & Solar Tower™ uses the slogan “Below Grid Parity™” to emphasize that being “green” no longer carries a cost penalty over being “dirty.” WSTs can produce substantial amounts of electricity with no fuel cost, bringing the expense of making power down to the point where WST power is below parity with costs of conventional generation.

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The Wind and Solar Towers™ Deliver Far More Than Clean Power for EVs

The Wind & Solar Tower™, the world’s only electricity-generating charger powered by a combination of wind and sun, is far more than an efficient and novel way to charge electric vehicles quickly. In remote locations, it can bring reliable, clean electric power to rural, off-grid villages – not only providing electricity where needed – but also saving lives.

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